Piwik 2.4.0 bug with special characters in MySQL credentials (username/password)

Sadly there is a bug in the new version of the tracking tool Piwik (2.4.0).

Special characters are wrongly written in the config file. So a
§ turns out as a §. Therefore it is impossible to get a working connection to the required database. The bug was discovered while doing an update for an already running Piwik System, that has been successfully updated several times before. As a complete new installation with old and new database and even new User/Password combination were not satisfying further investigation was required.

So if your Update (or installation) of Piwik 2.4.0 does not work, telling you that there can not be established a connection to the database, you may want to check the following procedure.

  1. make a backup of the config/config.ini.php file
  2. delete the config/config.ini.php (on the web-server, and if you did not make a backup do not write me emails) and follow the update / installation process
  3. a new config/config.ini.php should have been created, open that in a Text-Editor of your likings and examine the MySQL-credentials if you find that special characters (ä,?%$#') have been changed, you are effected by the bug.


  1. Wait for an Update / Fix
  2. Change MySQL-credentials (make them far longer, as special characters make in generally passwords far stronger)


In the new version of Piwik this bug (along with several others) had been fixed. ;-)