phishing attacts start targeting aple users

Spammers ziehen auf Apple Nutzer mit Pishing-Angriffen

Criminals do not only target on bank accouts, paypal or amazon accounts. Lately the apple user is targeted by these phishing attacks. So if you receive an email from apple it is worth taking a second look, especially as the original layouts get copied better and better.

The first thing, that I recognized was, that I have not been addressed personally. Then I saw that I did not use that email account for registering. That made the attack pretty obvious.

Then I hovered with the cursor over the "verify" link and could see that the link would not point to an apple server. Theory proven -> "He spam my trash is calling for you" -> delete mail.

If the attackers start personalizing these mails, it will get more and more difficult to detect them. So be very cautious if one of your online-services got hacked and user data was stolen. You read in the media that the service has been compromised and then you get an email that states exact that, uses your name to address you and asks you to change your password.

Small tricks and tips

  • Always check the links in the email by hovering over the link until the real link is beeing displayed.
  • Do not trust url-shorteners in email communications, you just do not know to which website they will take you to.
  • Don´t be lazy. If you want to check your accounts, type the url directly into your browser and do not rely on the "provided" link.


Immer Links in der E-Mail überpüfen

Take care ;-)

The question is not if you are paranoid, the question is: "Are you paranoid enough?"