Jandbeyond 2013 not just sharing code but also biscuits, cookies and stroopwafels

2013-05-29 jab13 cookiesFrom the jandbeyond.org (#jab13) came the call to introduce our finest biscuits / cookies / stroopwafels. Best would be something we have a special relation to. For me these were the “Sauresahnekringel” from aunt Lisa.

Here is my story:

Actually she was not my real aunt, but for little boys that does not really count ... and in my memories she is still my Aunt (and I had many aunts at that village). She was very old, her face was wrinkled as dried apple, age and the hard work at the fields had bent her back, so she could not stand straight anymore. She was always kind and full of cheer and made everyone feel at home. Now I think that it might have to do with the fact that she loved to cook and share her fantastic food with the people around her. Certainly she won our hearts by her spirit.

My father told my mother not to waste her time by baking some cookies, that could also be bought somewhere else that would taste the same. But when we visited Heini (the husband of Lisa) he could not stop eating the “Sauresahnekringel”. So one day my mother asked aunt Lisa if she would give the recipe to her. I think it went something like: “Please Lisa could you be so kind and give the recipe to me? I am so embarrassed how my husband eats you out of house and home.”

A kind person as she was, she shared her “little kitchen gem” with my mother ... this was far over 35 years ago.

I still remember standing in the kitchen with my mother baking those cookies. Actually the cookies that I brought to the JAB were made by my mother and my little daughter (so excuse some of the more extravagant shapes). I do hope that you like them. If you do, copy the recipe bake it at home and share it with other generations.

Sour Cream Cookies from Aunt Lisa

(about 2 baking sheets)

  1. 4 and 1/2 tablespoons sour cream
    (crème aigre, auch crème acidulée / the cream that is fluid and has about 10% fat and is a bit sour)
  2. 250g butter
  3. 2 tablespoons sugar
  4. stir 250g flour and a 1 pinch of salt into dough
    (it can be processed better when you put it some time in the fringe to cool a little)
  5. dust the dough with flour before rolling it out
  6. 250g granulated sugar
  7. put 1 egg white into a soup plate
  8. roll out the dough
  9. cut out cookies with forms of your choice
  10. moisten the cut out cookie from one side with egg white and then put that side into granulated sugar
  11. put the dry side on the baking sheet (baking paper)
  12. bake them about 11-16 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius,
    (just look at the color too white not enough - black and smoking might be a bit too long, personally I prefer golden)

Have fun!